MOTOVARIO Helical Gear Reducers Series H-Ready Stock Jakarta

Helical Gear Reducers Motovario

Motovario Helical Gear Reducers, the state ofthe art in terms of flexibility, strength and dependability.
Designed to ensure the best in performance even under extreme operating conditions, Motovario Type H Series Helical gear reducers are suitable for all applications that require high capacity for overhung and axial loads and considerable torsional rigidity.
The design of the housing structure (reinforced with a number of internal ribs) and the bearings (generously sized and all tapered), allow the H Series to Succesfully meet all kinds of application chalenges.
The H series is also extremely versatile in term of the wide range of reduction ratios available, so that the designer can always select the combination with the best quality / price ratio.
Designers from all around the wolrd in fact choose Motovario H Series gear reducers every day for all sorts of application, such as:
* Mixers
* Blenders
* Screw Pumps
* Conveyor Belts
* Automated Warehouses
* Automotive
* Cranes

For Information & sell:
PT. Multi Teknik Telaga Indonesia
Sole Distributor in Indonesia
Muhamad Idrus

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